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World's Best Ice creams

Graeter's Ice creams and Blue Bell Creameries also fall under the category of the most popular ice creams brands. Graeter's ice cream tradition dates back to 1870, having a flavourful history of about 136 years, Louis. C. Graeter founded this company in Cincinnati and there was no looking back. From then.

Today the family owned business has spread with its twelve stores in Cincinnati and its neighbourhood and has twenty-four franchised stores distributed in Columbus, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Lexington and Louisville. Specialists in French pot ice cream, the secret of its making is carried over to generations with its original quality.

1. Signature Chip Flavours
A specially created Graeter's choco chip that has been entertaining the customer's palate is found in all the signature chip flavours. A special chocolate liquid is poured into the finished ice cream while it swirls in French pot. And once it is frozen the chocolate is chipped into randomly sized pieces with the help of a paddle for an intervening taste.

Black Rasberry Chip
An all time favourite and the best seller is made of chosen black raspberries from Oregon's premium growers for a true raspberry treat. The company says it is a must try for any first time Graeter customer.

Buckeye blitz
Graeter's standard creamy chocolate ice cream with butter flavour with intervening peanut butter cookie dough pieces and Graeter's signature chip that renders an everlasting taste.

Toffee Chip
Graeter's classic vanilla flavour with luxurious chunks of health toffee and Graeter's signature milk chocolate chips render an unforgettable choco-vanilla -toffee taste.

Mint Chocolate Chip
A heavenly unison of creamy mint ice cream with a yummy interference of Graeter's choco-chip delights the customer with its taste.

2. Original flavours
Black Cherry
It is a yummy cherry flavoured ice cream with black cherry halves, which delights a cherry lover.

Cookies And Cream
It is a sure treat to the cookie lovers, for Graeter's creamy vanilla treat with large Oreo brand cookie chunks embedded in it to furnish the choco-cookie crave.

These are some among the delightful original flavours

3. Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet
Hand selected choicest Oregon Totum strawberries known for their sweet tastes render the fresh strawberry taste for this sorbet.

A refreshing lemon sorbet with the qualities of fresh lemon with a little crisp to add to the rejuvenating quality of the sorbet kindles your spirits.

Graeter's also has other sorbet varieties.

II. Blue Bell Creameries
Brenham Creamery Company took off in 1907 by making butter in Brenham. By 1911 Brenham Creameries introduced their ice cream. By 1930 the company acquired the brand name 'Blue Bell'. Since then there was no looking back but the quality remains the same in delighting its customers.


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