Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who Makes the Best Beer Float in Los Angeles?

Skeptics, you may doubt that beer + ice cream = perfection in a glass, but around town there are plenty of bars and restaurants that make this concoction, and make it damn well. I was a doubter myself at first (you can't help but close your eyes and picture a generic, yellow-gold, frothing beer in what would be an ill-fated match with a scoop of supermarket brand HFCS-loaded ice cream, I know) but then realized the right beer plus the right ice cream is a delight.

So who makes the best Beer Float?

To address this urgent dessert-meets-refreshment issue, Food GPS is presenting the L.A. Beer Float Showdown II on October 10th at the Verdugo Bar, in which four teams meet up for a good old-fashioned beer float smackdown. It's one beer float each for the competitors, and then attendees vote on their favorites, and a winner is chosen. Last year's champ, The Golden State, couldn't make it this year to defend their title, so the field is wide open. And if you're still hungry after slurping down four beer floats, the Manila Machine and Mandoline Grill truck will be there to sell their tasty eats. Speaking of filling bellies, 50% of ticket sales will go to Share Our Strength, which means deserving bellies will get filled with much-needed nourishment.


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