Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lady Gaga Might Sue over 'Baby Gaga' Breast Milk Ice Cream

Lady Gaga is not down with Baby Gaga. The pop performer has reportedly threatened to sue a London ice creamery over their human breast milk-flavored ice cream, Baby Gaga. Matt O'Connor, the owner of The Icecreamists, told the NYPost, "She's acting like a big baby who is crying over spoiled breast milk."

Gaga doesn't have all that much to worry about: no one's buying the frozen treat these days. The product is currently being tested for health code violations. The sugary treat is made with human breast milk, vanilla pods and lemon. Do you think Lady Gaga has much of a case? And isn't it sort of funny coming from the woman who supposedly wants her perfume to smell like blood and semen?


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