Sunday, December 27, 2009

The best scoop

I don’t know about a storm in a tea-cup, but there is one brewing in your ice cream cone, particularly if the cone is from Häagen-Dazs, thanks to their disastrous advertising campaign.

But I am not here to discuss the controversy surrounding the ice cream major’s store launch in India. We are here to tell you whether ice cream heaven is within your reach or not.

Nothing can beat the headiness of the mix of ice cream, coffee and freshly baked waffles, which envelops you a few feet outside the store in South Delhi, which is packed on a weekday afternoon.

We start with our old favourites (vanilla for one and Belgian chocolate for the other). Häagen-Dazs’s claim to fame is that they source the finest ingredients from across the world. So the vanilla comes from Madagascar, the chocolate from Belgium and, hey, India plays its part, too. It sends Alphonso mangoes.

The rich creamy taste of vanilla explodes on your taste buds and, remember, this is just vanilla we are talking about. The Belgian chocolate, their best-seller worldwide, makes its presence felt on your tongue ten times more. Slightly bitter, slightly sweet, the creamy texture rolls itself on your tongue and makes you want to fight for the next bite.

The flavours vary from coffee to cookies and cream to mango to cappuccino truffle to sorbets to limited edition flavours like cherries and cream. However, more than the scoops it is the sundaes—Brownie Explosion and Flower Petal—and the thick shakes which are a big draw. And the must-try is the fondue.

A bowl of the richest, thickest chocolate sauce accompanied by 16 mini-scoops of ice cream along with seasonal fruits, cookies, brownies and waffle bits… this is ice cream heaven. Miss out on this only at your peril. A piece of advice: please try this only on an empty stomach and a full pocket, priced as this is at Rs 1,500. Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream outlet is at Select Citywalk in Saket, New Delhi. One scoop is priced at Rs 165.


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