Thursday, December 3, 2009

Goat's milk ice cream 'almost killed woman'

Rachel Devine, 24, went into anaphylactic shock and had a heart attack minutes after eating the ice cream, which contained goats' milk. She was in Turkey with her boyfriend when the incident happened in August. Her father said she was undergoing rehabilitation to learn how to walk and talk again at Musgrave Park Hospital.

"Rachel has asked for all the details of what happened, but regarding her memory and her personality, everything remains intact," Stephen Devine said. "She is a determined girl and wants to return to her job, she works for a law firm in Manchester where she studied.

"She had just been given her training contract to train as a solicitor before she left on holiday." Mr Devine said his daughter, who was flown back to Belfast 10 days after she collapsed, was aware that she was allergic to goats' milk, but did not know it was an ingredient in the ice cream.


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