Monday, November 15, 2010

How Many Different Ways That There Are to Eat Ice Cream

Ice cream is a good snack for any time of the day. Some people go out to eat ice cream just to have some thing to do. Others eat ice cream as a snack before they go to bed. Ice cream is usually really popular thing only in the summer time. The in the wintertime it is usually too cold to eat ice cream. Many people still eat it in the wintertime though.

There are many ways to eat ice cream. Most people love to eat ice cream, but some people that are not able to eat ice cream because they are lactose intolerant. They are not even allowed to drink milk; there are other ways people get their calcium though.

Ice cream is some thing that a lot of people use as some thing to eat at birthday parties with their cake. They even make them ice cream cakes now. This way you don't need to buy the cake and the ice cream, you can just buy an ice cream cake. They are very delicious, and the prices vary on the size that you get.

There are many different flavors of ice cream, and they keep making more. The three flavors that they started with originally are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Now they got mint chocolate chip, peanut butter, rainbow, butter pecan, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate swirl, orange cream, and many more flavors too. The flavors of the ice cream matters too. If you are not allowed to eat some thing certain, you should not eat that flavor of ice cream either.

You do not like to eat your ice cream with just a bowl and spoon, make it into a milk shake and use a straw. A milk shake is made with the flavor of your ice cream, some milk, put it in a blender to mix it up, and you got your milk shake. You can use any flavor of ice cream that you wanted to.

If you use one that has chunks of stuff in it may be hard to suck it through a straw. Mint chocolate chip would be a good example. The chocolate chips would get stuck in the straw. The milk shake would be excellent though.

There are many other ways to eat ice cream than just in a milk shake. You can get an ice cream sundae too. These are made any way you want them. They have any flavor for them too. Some of the flavors are butterscotch, fudge, peanut butter, and more. You can purchase your ice cream in a cup too. You could pretty much get your ice cream any way you want it.

Getting an ice cream cone is the most common way of getting your ice cream. You can get any flavor that you want in it, how ever many scoops that you want in it too. They also have two types of cones the waffle cones, or just the regular cones, when you get your cone if you like sprinkles, nuts, or any thing like that you can get that on your ice cream cone too.

Vanilla ice cream is used to make other ice cream treats too. Banana splits are common too. That is another way to eat your ice cream. Root beer floats are very good too. They are now making root beer floats out of other flavors of soda too. They are using Choc- Cola, and Dr Pepper also. It may be just as good, but the root beer float is the original float.

Ice cream is such a great snack that they are even making different flavored candy out of ice cream flavors. They have limited edition skittles that have the pink skittle as strawberry flavored. They also have that basket robin's hard candies that are ice cream flavors. If you like ice, cream that much.

You could take ice cream to work without it melting. It is in a hard candy instead of in a bowl. There are a lot of different ways to choose from to eat your ice cream, but it is all up to you and how you may want to try to eat your ice cream next time.


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