Monday, November 9, 2009

Futuristic ice cream may treat chemotherapy's side effects

Cancer patients may soon be able to lick their side effects in more ways than one. Scientists in New Zealand are developing an ice cream that may help ease the miserable symptoms people develop during chemotherapy, according to Reuters.

The "medical dessert," called ReCharge, shows promising signs in the treatment of diarrhea, lack of appetite and anemia in chemotherapy patients, Reuters says.

University of Auckland researchers are working with dairy company Fonterra on the frozen onfection, according to Reuters. The dessert uses active ingredients from dairy products. In the trial, participants have been consuming a 100-gram (3.53-ounce) tub of strawberry flavored ReCharge each day.

"The two bio-active milk components developed for ReCharge have the unique potential to assist the body in coping with the side effects of chemotherapy," Fonterra’s Jeremy Hill told Reuters. When ReCharge goes on the market, it may be the first ice cream ever that you need a prescription to buy.


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