Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I screamfor Ice Cream!

The other day, I heard the D’Onofrio ice cream bugle or “corneta” blaring in my quiet neighborhood.

I suddenly realized that here in Peru it is springtime. A few days earlier I arrived from Canada, where winter has already made an appearance, so the thought of spring and ice cream made me very happy.

The ice cream sold by the traveling vendors on their tricycles may be fine for a quick fix, but I prefer to go to a heladeria, gelateria in Italian or ice cream parlor in English.

My passion with frozen treats started long ago when I lived in Italy. In the summer, I remember my grandmother and I going to the nearby gelateria to treat ourselves to a cold refreshing Italian ice cream better known as gelato. The gelato is a delightful experience and a driving force in the Italian culture!

As a matter of fact, the first big ice cream company here in Peru was D’Onofrio which was operated by Italian immigrant, Pedro d’Onofrio. He founded and developed the company at the start of the twentieth century. With its temperate climate and abundance of fresh fruits, it’s no wonder the market for ice cream in Peru increased by 11.9% between 2001- 2006

If you are wondering how ice cream is different than gelato, here are some basic facts. The word gelato means ice cream in Italian, but it directly translates as “frozen.” The main difference between the two desserts lies in the percentage of fats and the production process. Gelato contains less butterfat and less air than ice cream, making gelato smoother, more flavorful, and less caloric than ice cream. But one thing is for sure, whether you choose ice cream or gelato, one scoop is never enough.

Fortunately, ice cream parlors or heladerias abound in Lima. On any given day, you will find that the popular ice cream parlors are brimming with people who enjoy a long chat while savoring a frozen dessert. The most prominent gelaterias such as 4D and LaritzaD present mounds of ice creams that are impossible to resist.

But if you are anything like me, you may want to enjoy ice cream made from fresh, delicious exotic Peruvian fruits. For purity and freshest exotic ice cream flavors nobody does it better than the tiny Cafeteria Suarez on the streets of General Suarez and Junin.

This place is not a posh ice cream parlor, but you will find an abundance of unique flavors from the jungle such as Taperiba, Coca, Sachainji, aguaje to name a few. Lucuma is one of the country’s top exotic ice cream flavors, and it happens to be my number one choice at Cafeteria Suarez. Another one of my favorite ice cream is made from the tiny fruit camu camu. It is a sophisticated and incredibly tasty cold delight.

It is a lot of fun seeking out the best place in Lima to savor ice cream or gelato. While the choices of exotic flavors like guanabana will make you feel opulent, you may just crave a plainer, classic flavor such as vanilla or strawberry.

Did you know that these traditional ice cream flavors reveal something about your personality type? I am not kidding! Dr. Alan Hirsch wrote a book entitled “What Flavor Is Your Personality?” In the book, Dr. Hirsch shows how your ice cream flavor can speak volumes about your personality type.

To find out more about your personality based on your choice of ice cream preference, click here. After having fun with the test, let me know which heladeria you will go visit for your favorite decadent ice cream!


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