Monday, September 6, 2010

Ice Cream

Ice Cream and fro-yo shop Monkeys is closing at the end of the month. Now before you go ape, relax they will re-open in the spring. For now cancel all visions of eggnog sundaes and hot chocolate a la mode sashaying through your head. “Sales have dropped off,” said co-owner Andy Jacobson, who also runs Brew’d Awakening around the corner on Market St. When the snow melts they will return as a stronger, sweet-fueled force. Baked goods, fudge and artisan chocolate are the treats on tap.

I loved what they did with the place, the cartoony murals, and their cupcakes — while untested by yours truly — looked cute enough to eat. Am I the only crazed ninny who likes ice cream in the winter? Visit NYC lately? Tasti-Delight is rivaling coffee shops on neighborhood blocks. The whipped up low-cal softserve delight is so yummy I lived on it for weeks when I was a latte slinging pauper in the 90s. In other DTL news we hear corner street bistro Fortunatos might be closing. Anyone know? I thought they finally got their game down.


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