Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pot Ice Cream Joins Gourmet Frozen Dessert Boom

Budding entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz’s medical marijuana business have come up with yet another delivery system for cannabis—pot-laced ice cream. For the more traditionally inclined, there’s TRIPle Chocolate Brownie, but there are also flavors like Banannabis Foster and Straw-Mari Cheesecake, for those who want a more fruity taste. There is, as yet, no vanilla based flavor, and everyone knows that vanilla is the true ice cream connoisseur’s flavor of choice, but as demand expands new flavors will inevitably hit the market.

The ice cream is the brain-freeze child of Jonathan Kolodinski, proprietor of the new Creme De Canna dispensary. He began by selling his ice cream creation at other dispensaries, but demand was so high (and customers too) that he decided to go ahead and open his own place. While his customers are limited to medical marijuana users, that could soon change if Prop 19 passes. Who knows? Crème de Canna’s newest flavors could be the trippiest thing since Cherry Garcia.


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