Sunday, September 5, 2010

Living Coasts Aquarium Serves Up Penguin Ice Cream

By Philip Knowling

Torquay, UK - How do you fancy a penguin flavour ice cream? Or perhaps herring and chilli? How about seaweed and sea salt?

These unlikely flavours will be available at the first ever Living Coasts Aquarium ice cream weekend on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September.

Events Coordinator Kate Hall said: “It may be the end of the school holidays, but this weekend will be one last taste of summer at Living Coasts. Ice cream is the taste of the coast – and we have some crazy flavours. Everyone should give them a go – you just don’t know until you’ve tried them!”

The new range has been devised on-site by Living Coasts chef Tony Perkins. “I’ve used seaweed because a gum extracted from seaweed, called carrageenan, is used in some ice creams as a thickening agent. The penguin flavour is made out of a certain brand of chocolate biscuits and not actual penguins.

There will be taste tests at the Living Coasts Seal Amphitheatre between 11:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. The ice creams will be served in cones or tubs. In addition, there will be a special seaweed touch tank. Other, rather more conventional ice cream flavours, will also be available on site over the weekend.

Tony: “I’d like to try fish and chips and macaroni - although both potatoes and pasta contain starch which means they can’t be used to make ice cream. Other flavours I fancy making are strawberry, chilli and pepper; lemon meringue; and rice pudding and jam ripple.”


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