Sunday, September 19, 2010

Store sells marijuana-infused ice cream

A pot dispensary near Santa Cruz California is offering a fresh take on your basic banana split. Or you could look at it as a tasty way to smoke a doobie. For medical reasons only, of course.

It's marijuana-infused ice cream. And so far, the ice cream maker says his customers think it's totally dope.

Everybody who's tried it has said they absolutely love it. A lot of people come back for seconds, thirds and fourth," said Jonathan Kolodinski.

Some of the flavors offered include Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and triple Chocolate Brownie.

Finishing off a pint of this stuff is about equal to smoking eight joints, the owner says. It'll set you back $15 a pint, and only card-carrying marijuana patients can buy it.


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